Congrats to the Valentine’s Day newly engaged

Engagement Ring by Andrew Xu

Congrats to all the guys and gals who got engaged on Valentine’s Day. Usually magazines and sites post lists of “the first 5 things to do when you’re just engaged” or “start your 12 month planning calendar”, etc.  I want to reverse it because I have a few questions for the newly engaged.

#1-  If you said yes, did you really mean it?

#2-Do you immediately tell your family and friends or do you want to bask in the private love of the moment for a few days?

#3- When you decide to tell your family and friends, when is the right time and what is the best way to do it?

#4-Is your first thought everlasting love with your partner or making an appointment for dress shopping?

#5-Did your response depend on the size/style of the ring?

Well Whatever your reaction and sequence of events from this point. Congratulations and Happy Wedding Planning!!


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