NY Planner goes from Wall Street to Weddings

Meet Nadia Digilov who went from the craziness of the New York Stock Exchange to the madness of brides trying to find the perfect dress.  Great profile in The Grindstone.

“When you think of a Wall Street trading floor the last things you think of  are anything to do with flowers, lace, jewelry, white dresses i.e. weddings.  Trading floors are known for just being bastions of maleness so the thought that  someone could come out of one them and plan weddings seems pretty rare. But we  actually found a woman who did go from Wall Street to weddings. Meet Nadia Digilov, one of New York’s  best-known wedding experts. As a consultant for brides and the wedding vendors  who serve them, a successful businessperson and, most recently, a published  author, Nadia has established herself as a respected authority on weddings. I  think a Bravo reality show is right around the corner for this lady.”

Read more: http://thegrindstone.com/mentor/this-woman-left-wall-street-for-weddings-600/#ixzz23a3xBCaZ


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